project experience
Groundwater Science Corp. is an innovative groundwater consulting services company that specializes in
hydrogeological studies. Our experience in the fields of groundwater-surface water interaction studies, environmental impact assessment, aggregate licensing, compliance monitoring and reporting has a proven track record of success across Ontario.

Stream     Watershed Characterization, Plan Review, Monitoring and Research

Groundwater Science Corp. has participated in many watershed scale characterization studies and provides plan review, monitoring and research assistance for Conservation Authorities. 

Follow this link for more details: Watershed Scale Studies

Village     Community Scale Servicing Assessments

We have also completed specific technical components of Community Scale Servicing Assessments for the villages of Alton, Cheltenham and the Town of Erin (ongoing) - all within the Credit River Watershed. 

Follow this link for more details: Community Scale Studies

Well Reconstruction     Groundwater Supply and Exploration/ Well Head Protection / Compliance Monitoring

Professional consulting support for water supply and well head protection monitoring programs. Experience with well upgrades, new well development, testing, approval and monitoring. We have assisted both municipalities and industry to develop new water supplies and obtain Permits To Take Water. 

We provide cost effective, reliable, focused and result-oriented compliance monitoring for Permit to Take Water or C. of A. programs. Our expertise in compliance monitoring and reporting will ensure your project run professionally and, efficiently to achieve your long-term monitoring objectives. 

Follow this link for more details: Groundwater Supply

Gravel Pit     Aggregate Related

We provide support services to the aggregate industry in Ontario, including: site characterization, water supply, extraction and operational planning, impact studies, and Level 1 and Level 2 Assessments. Our direct experience also includes the design and implementation of environmental monitoring, action threshold and mitigation response programs to satisfy the needs of Provincial Standards. Groundwater Science Corp. is a proud member in good standing of the Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (OSSGA).
Follow this link for more details: Aggregate Studies

Observation Wells     General - Water Quantity or Quality Impact Assessment and Research

Groundwater Science also completed many other types of studies or assessments for environmental research projects, development applications, etc.

Follow this link for more details: Other Studies