project experience

Watershed Studies, Plan Review, Monitoring and Research

Groundwater Science Corp. has provided hydrogeologic consulting expertise to Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) on an as-needed basis from 1999 to present. The services required are wide-ranging, from technical input into research projects to watershed monitoring (including assistance with the MOE Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network) to planning approval and environmental review within the Credit River Valley Watershed. Technical studies reviewed on behalf of CVC for planning approval have included:

As part of research and planing review CVC considers both subwatershed and local scale groundwater assessments; integrated with simultaneous biologic (fisheries, terrestrial) and water quality studies, to assess linkages and sensitivities for local and regional planning and management purposes. In addition, the agency uses fish habitat as a major indicator of local sensitivity to impact and CVC provides the initial review with regard to HADD determination for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans with regard to the Federal Fisheries Act. Groundwater Science Corp.'s technical experience has assisted CVC with these tasks. We can also augment your current hydrogeologic research and review capacity.

Groundwater Science Corp. is also currently involved in the Brampton, Northwest Brampton, Mayfield and Milton Subwatershed studies (in conjunction with Blackport Associates). These studies assess existing environmental conditions within each subwatershed and recommend best management practices or environmental controls guide future development.