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Community Scale Servicing Assessments

Groundwater Science Corp. has completed Septic System Impact Studies for the Villages of Alton and Cheltenham, and is currently assisting in the Town of Erin assessment. The studies were undertaken as part of the Environmental Component of the Village Study for each community, and are intended to guide future development and ensure best management practices are in place for environmental planning, servicing and community design principals. The studies were completed on behalf of several stakeholders, including Credit Valley Conservation, The Town of Caledon and The Region of Peel. 

The studies identified the extent and degree of groundwater impact associated with existing residential development serviced by private individual septic systems. The assessments also included a detailed examination of local groundwater / surface water interactions, focusing on the potential for septic system impact to natural environment features. The potential for additional groundwater impact, and related implications for surface water features, is then assessed based on the hydrogeologic setting of future development areas. Environmentally based recommendations for servicing future development were also provided. 

At the request of our clients we have utilized a multi-faceted approach, including: